Leona Goldstein

If you want to get to know Europe, you should travel to its borders. Leona Goldstein has gone on this journey, which is also precisely the journey of refugees. She starts in three Westafrican countries where corrupt politicians have their election campaigns led by French companies, where at the same time bitter poverty drives people to migrate. In search of opinions from the other side of the borders, Leona Goldstein follows the exploitation of natural resources and of the people. She talks to the opposition and to impoverished women who work in refugee camps and stone pits. She seeks out people immediately in front of the insuperable walls of the fortress Europe in Morocco and Ukraina.

Finally, she enters an isolated refugee camp in the German woods, an exclave inside of Europe, in which refugees vegetate within six square-meters of no man's land, without work, without prospects, and in general without a chance of asyl being granted. In "Displaced", those are being heard who tend to become mere quota.

press release PRO ASYL/von Loeper Verlag, 2008

Buch "displaced - Flüchtlinge an Europas Grenzen"
  media package displaced - Refugees at Europes borders: pictorial and two documentaries
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