Leona Goldstein

Le Heim
Asylum Reality in Germany


I think this is a clandestine prison. Only that we're not safe here at all. They take you, put you in prison, you have no right to go here or there, you have no right to work. They give you food, so you eat, and then you sleep. Life cannot go on like this.

Alassa, Burkina Faso

The home for asylum seekers Waldsieversdorf is difficult to find. 60 kilometers east of Berlin, it is situated completely isolated in the middle of the woods. In the former NVA (National People's Army) barracks, there are living 18 adults and three children at the moment. The next bus stop is a four-kilometer-footpath through the woods away, the next supermarket a 12-kilometer-march. The 'residence obligation' turns any moving into a risk for the residence permit status.


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