Leona Goldstein
Leona Goldstein is a journalist, photographer and filmmaker. Her work focuses on the impact of social and political conflicts on the individual and how people organise themselves in these situations. In her most recent projects, she accompanied social movements in Venezuela, Mexico and at the European external borders on the topics of global freedom of movement and neo-colonial continuities. She portrayed women's rights activists in Rwanda, Burkina Faso and India. She is currently working on the background of the NSU complex in Germany. In addition to documentary films, she publishes books, works as a cinematographer and has been teaching "Film as a Documentary Medium" at the school of culture and design HTW Berlin since 2014. Her work has received numerous awards.
Audience Award: International Womens Filmfestival Cologne, Best director: Berlin Independent Film Festival 2016, Best Film 2016: China Women´s Film Festival, Best Human Rights Film: Move it! Filmfestival, Best film 2015: MIC Genero Film Festival, Mexico, Best documentary 2016: Int. Filmfestival on women´s rights and social issues, Indonesia, Best director 2015: Cine Women, Best feature lenght documentary, 12 month Filmfestival, „KONTEXT“ Award for the Advancement of young journalists, Awardee „ESODOC“ filmmaking for advocacy, Awardee „DAAD German academic exchange service“, „VG BILD-KUNST“ research grant, Awardee „INWENT“ in cooperation with MBDHP, Burkinian human rights league, XENOS Award for media-social commitment, Institute for New Media.